Award Nomination Form

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World Association for Political Economy
WAPE [2009] No.13
  Date of Application  
  Code of Acceptance  
Distinguished Achievement Award of
World Political Economy of the 21st Century
Nomination Form
Full Name of Nominee                    
Affiliation of Nominee                    
Achievement Title                        
Achievement Form                       
Application Date                         
This Form is Designed by the WAPE Secretariat 
February, 2009
Explanatory Notes
1. The cover and page 3~4 of this form should be completed by nominees.
2. Achievement forms include: A. Book;B. Paper
3. This form should be posted to the WAPE Secretariat with one original copy of the applying achievement.
Postal address of the WAPE Secretariat:
Professor Xiaoqin Ding (Allen Ding)
Marxism Research Institute
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
777 Guoding Rd., Shanghai 200433
P. R. China
Surname   Given Names  



Date of Birth

Postal Address  
Phone / Fax / Mobile  
Title of Achievement  
Initial Publishing Date, Journal or Publication Details of the Achievement  
A Brief Introduction of the Achievement A brief description of the achievement (not more than 5000 words), which includes
1) Abstract; 2) Innovative ideas; 3) Theoretical and practical significance.
A Brief Introduction of the Achievement (continued…)  
Reprinting and Citation
 of the Achievement
  1. Journal and Date of republication of the achievement;
  2. Citations of and remarks on the achievement;
  3. Recommendations and adoptions by government or enterprises
Awards on the Achievement Date, title, and awards or other recognition this achievement has received :
Signature by the applicant              
Verification of the WAPE Secretariat
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Preliminary Evaluation by
the Appraisal Committee
 Signature by the President of the Appraisal Committee:
Final Evaluation by
the WAPE Council
Votes For Against Abstention
Signature by the President of WAPE:
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